Facilitating radical innovation

We establish research and development projects for our members, based on these four focus areas: Renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, increased oil recovery and decommissioning.

Norwegian Energy Solution’s biggest strength is the ability of connecting traditional oil and gas players with renewable energy players, academia and research institutions. This gives us a much stronger foundation for the projects we launch.

Mobilising the industry

A great deal of planning, construction, digitalisation etc happen across different value chains. We build on existing research and establish our own knowledge base in order to reuse technology. Operators identify challenges and we create workshops and pre-projects for the suppliers.

Understanding new value chains

Norwegian Energy Solutions will work closely with other international clusters to identify common ground and facilitate joint projects.

Helping SMB’s

We help small and medium-sized businesses with developing R&D projects, to gather market information, raising capital, establishing networks and connecting them to larger players in the industry.


Making radical innovation possible

We create research projects among our members, all connected to our four focus areas.