Seminar - The role of the oil and gas industry in the green transition

Oppdatert: 21. okt. 2021

On 5 November NES Young Professionals Board arranges a seminar where the unavoidable question will be raised. Is it possible for the oil and gas industry to be part of the green transition? If so, how?

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Capital and competence are crucial to accelerate the society towards net-zero emissions. Many see the latter as an opportunity more than an obstacle. Different participants come together to present and discuss their view on the subject.


  • 17.05 - 17.15 Welcome, introduction of the attending participants

  • 17.15 - 18.00 Presentation from the different participants. Participants are the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, ONS 2022 Young and Beyonder.

  • 18.00 - 18.15 Q&A

  • 18.15 - 18.30 Networking and simple food/coffee

When: 5 November at 1700 hrs.

Where: The seminar will be held at the University of Stavanger at Kjølv Egelands Hus, 1.etasje, 101.

The seminar is open for everyone and free of charge. It will be held in English.

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