Nordic Spark Program for Clean Energy Companies

Oppdatert: 10. feb.

Clean energy has been made a big priority in the US. Both public and private sector are rapidly looking for innovative solutions for energy infrastructure & efficiency. This 6-month accelerator programs will help Nordic startups tackle the basics of US market entry.

New York has put aside $50 billion dedicated to switching the entire state to clean energy as a part of a series of ambitious goals to meet the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Nordic Innovation House along with CEBIP have launched a virtual market entry program for Nordic clean energy companies looking to expand and grow in the US market during this window of opportunity for clean energy solutions.

Nordic Spark is for early-stage companies with a strong team, existing traction in their local market, and a desire to engage the US clean energy sector and build valuable relationships with customers and potential investors. This program is also supported by Business Finland, Business Iceland, Business Sweden, and Innovation Norway.

Interested companies and individuals should apply before the deadline of February 22nd. Informational calls with interested companies and individuals will be arranged over the next few weeks. Follow this link for the application and informational website.

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