NES: A New Collaboration platform

Oppdatert: 27. apr. 2018

The leading players in the oil and gas industry will join forces together with academia and research institutes to foster low emission and new sustainable energy solutions. On april 6th we will get together for our first seminar.

Gathering: On April 6th NES are gathering for the first member seminar. We will give an update of the cluster and the way ahead. (Photo: Istock)

Norwegian Energy Solutions is a new technology cluster, emerged by solid and competent actors within the oil and gas industry in the Stavanger region. Collaboration and networking for bringing ideas and projects forward plays an important part in NES. By working in an interdisciplinary manner, we believe that we can contribute to a sustainable future within the oil and gas industry.

On April 6th we are hosting our first gathering, were the CEO will give an update on the status for NES. Some of our board members will also be presenting issues regarding their area of expertise. Further, we will talk about the way ahead, thus discussing, asking and answering questions and lay the grounds for developing new methods, innovations and ideas.

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