Joining forces for the energy future

Oppdatert: 27. apr. 2018

Earlier this month, we hosted the very first member get-together in Stavanger. Several actors from the oil and gas industry were present, along with key representatives from academia and research institutions. The seminar addressed important issues about future projects, and fostered a positive dialogue and discussions about a sustainable energy future.

The managing director: Egil Aanestad talks about the status for Norwegian Energy Solutions. (Photo: Ellen Caroline Granlund)

The managing director Egil Aanestad presented a status update about Norwegian Energy Solutions, and reminded us about the vision of the cluster:

- we will establish an international energy cluster that's going to contribute to development and readjustments within the oil and gas industry. Egil points out the cluster will facilitate such change by developing low carbon solutions and renewable sources of energy that will ensure greater sustainability in the energy field.

He also stress that the transfer learning between the traditional oil and gas-industry and the new sustainable energy solutions will be of importance. A main keywork will be sharing of knowledge and ideas. Networks, cooperations and new innovations with low emission solutions will lay the grounds for a competence integration within our sector.

What's in it for me?

The Vice President in Statoil, Ståle Tungesvik, tells us why he see that being a part of the cluster will be profitable for the company. He points to the younger generations in our society: the young members of society are different. They demand other solutions, and as an industry we do have a responsabilty here, he claims. Regarding the public opinion and a young generation demanding change when it comes to our climate and common environment, the industry have to think new. It is fair to say that not only will it be important for the energy future and our common society - it is also of severe importance that the industry have acceptance from the public. Also, cooperation can be said to be the new force of competition; networking and interaction will contribute to new ways of benefitting from digitization, automation, and robotization. Hence, the companies will benefit from a more effective work life, and lead to new ways of interaction.

Energy from the weather

Renewable energy: To transfer knowledge between the oil and gas sector and renewable energy solutions will be of great interest of NES. Siri Kalvig talks about the potential there is to find within wind energy.

Siri Kalvig, Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger, have the latest couple of years gained a fair bit of competence within the field of renewable energy and offshore technology. On our seminar on April 6th she talked about how we can provide energy from windmills at sea. In particular she stressed the cross learning capabilities between the oil and gas industry and the renewable energy field. An idea is to use the infrastructure and technology of floating rigs and transfer this competence into floating windmills offshore:

- My dream is to set up the first floating windmill here in our region. Where else than in our neighbourhood should such a project take place?

TEXT & PHOTO: Ellen Caroline Granlund

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