B2B meetings: Polish-Norwegian Cooperation in Green Energies and Energy Transformation

Oppdatert: 19. okt. 2021

On 18 November the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Oslo and Norwegian Energy Solutions will arrange an online match-making event bringing together companies from Poland and Norway operating in the renewable sector.

Foto: PIRO4D/Pixabay

If you are a Polish or a Norwegian company operating in the renewable energy sector, including offshore wind energy, hydrogen, CO2 capture and storage, bioenergy, solar energy or energy efficiency - this event is for you!

When? 18 November from 0900 hrs – 1200 hrs 0900 – 0935 Welcoming and presentations by the organisers

  • The role and offer of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Trade Office in Oslo

  • The role and offer of the Norwegian Energy Solutions cluster

  • Introduction to the B2B session and instructions

0940 – 1200 One-on-one meetings Click here for more information about event.

Topics addressed?

  • Offshore wind

  • Hydrogen production, storage & distribution

  • CO2 capture & storage

  • Bioenergy & biogas

  • Solar energy & photovoltaics

  • Energy efficiency & management

Why participate?

  • As purchaser - find qualified Norwegian and Polish suppliers during effective one-to one meetings

  • As market/sales manager - find new customers in Poland and Norway

  • As product developer - find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

How it works? Click on button below to register your company and create a profile for the event.

Just follow the instructions on the webpage. You will find infformation about the event, how it works, FAQ and whom to contact.

You can book meetings with the other participants.

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