Flex2power – energy production from floating installation


Technology concept/solution: Flex2power (previously called Flexifloat) is a slim and elastic floating steel foundation at sea for production of energy from renewable sources such as wind, waves and sun. The floating foundation is square with a distance of 306 meters between wind turbines in each corner, and the foundation will float on the sea like a blanket. The energy from the waves' movement of the foundation is converted into electricity via hydraulic systems and generators. Solar panels are mounted on top of each generator room and produce electricity from solar energy. The concept is unique because it combines energy production from several renewable sources by occupying a very small sea area. This makes the concept both cost-effective and area-efficient.

Owner: Rosenberg Worley AS

Partners: Flexible Floating Systems AS, IKM gruppen, University of Stavanger, FORCE Technology, SkyWind GmbH

Funding: Rosenberg Worley AS, Flexible Floating Systems AS, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Research Council


Start – end: 2019 

Phase: Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialisation