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Why you should be a member of Norwegian Energy Solutions? It will give you a new network and new business opportunities. We work to enhance your competitiveness and increase your chances of exporting your products. Fill in the form below and you are one step closer to joining us.

Get access to new markets

The cluster connects end users to suppliers. We cooperate with other leading international clusters, connecting you to new markets.

We mobilise resources for our members' benefit

We build on existing reports and develop our own knowledge base in order to identify opportunities for reusing or further development of technology.

Operators communicate the challenges, needs and opportunities. Facts and knowledge are presented to the suppliers through workshops and pre-projects, which in turn may lead to larger projects and new business opportunities.

Help finance your innovation

Norwegian Energy Solutions builds on Validé’s accelerator program, and tailor-making it to our members in line with our focus areas.

We will help small and medium-sized companies with research, project development, market information, raising capital, networks and test facilities.

Facilitating radical innovation

We establish research and development projects for our members, based on the focus areas: Renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, increased oil recovery and decommissioning.

We also provide the projects with assistance when applying for research funds from Norwegian and international institutions.

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Over 100 key players are part of the cluster. Here is how to join them.

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