Processing of biogas

Technology concept/solution: Agri-e's concept is an energy system that uses biogas as energy supply. The biogas is used to produce hydrogen, electricity and heat. The process also results in clean CO2, ready captured. By converting biogas into both hydrogen and electricity, the energy utilisation is better than if the biogas alone was used as fuel. The concept has been demonstrated theoretically. When the pilot is in place in December 2021 it will be demonstrated in practice.

Owner: Agri-e

Partners: Equinor, Norske Shell, Norled, Aarbakke Innovation, Westco, AR Incoronato, Worley Origo Process, NORCE, IVAR, Valide, Nibio, Norwegian Energy Solutions

Funding: Equinor, Norske Shell, Innovasjon Norge, Enova, Vri Rogaland, Skattefunn, Rogaland Felleskjøp, Norled

Start – end: 2017 – 2022

Phase: Conceptualisation - development and testing - demonstration and validation - commercialisation