About us

Norwegian Energy Solutions is an energy cluster with an overarching purpose of leading the energy transition to renewable energy solutions and low emission energy solutions.




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Illustrasjon: Øystein Finnestad/NES

The cluster comprises more than 120 members and partners. The members embrace a wide range of companies, such as operators, suppliers, start-ups, investors, research and academia, and authorities. The broad range of members covers the complete value chain for oil and gas and places the cluster in a unique position.

The cluster works on the transition for companies to succeed in new value chains. Collaboration across the segments and the member companies fosters an environment for innovation and technology developments. The core of the cluster’s activity is to initiate innovative industrial energy projects.

Norwegian Energy Solutions is an arena for networking, technology transfer and collaboration. It provides the opportunity for members to present and discuss challenges and solutions outside their traditional network. 

“We are bringing world-leading expertise and technology communities together in order to speed up the pace of innovation in the energy transition”


In the years 2015 - 2017 a process was initiated by Rogaland County Council, Innovation Norway, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise to establish a new technology cluster.


The industry was called upon to participate. The most central contributors in this early phase were Equinor, the University of Stavanger, Norske Shell, IRIS, Greater Stavanger and Validé.

Norwegian Energy Solutions was established in 2018 to further develop and restructure the oil and gas industry towards future-oriented and renewable energy solutions. In 2019, NES was included in the Norwegian Innovation Clusters program as an Arena cluster. On 1 January 2022, NES became an Arena Pro cluster.